To become a prominent knowledge based self-sufficient center for innovation and pre-incubation for the regional communities addressing challenges of societal importance and contributing to socio-economic development of the region


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CIFs (Community Innovation Fellow)

Our Community Innovation Fellow, Ms. Vandana Yadav, is dedicated to addressing soil fertility deterioration, regardless of the current fertilizer application practices adopted by farmers. Graduating in 2023, Vandana's innovative approach aims to evaluate soil fertility and develop sustainable solutions to combat degradation, contributing to agricultural sustainability and environmental conservation.

Grassroots Innovators

Our innovator, Mr. Vivek Patel, secured the first runner-up prize at the IIC Regional Meet, hosted at AKTU Luck now on September 29, 2022. His innovative project captivated the judges and audience, showcasing his creativity and dedication to solving real-world challenges. Mr. Patel's success underscores his exceptional talent and commitment to innovation. This achievement not only brings honor to him but also highlights the ACIC MIET Meerut Foundation's commitment to fostering and supporting innovative endeavors. It inspires aspiring innovators within our community to pursue their ideas with passion and perseverance.

Student Innovators

Student innovators Prakhar Austin Mohan and Vansh Tiwari emerged victorious in “Techno mania ideation” held at Sharda University. Their groundbreaking creation, a smart landmine, clinched the top spot in the competition. This innovative solution showcases their talent and commitment to addressing real-world challenges with cutting-edge technology.

Student innovator Prakhar Austin Mohan, under the guidance of Deepak Mittal, led a triumphant team in winning the Smart India Hackathons 2023 (SIH-23), the world's largest Hackathons. Their outstanding achievement highlights their expertise and innovative prowess in solving complex challenges through technology.